The word , "CHRIST", signified the, "Messiah or the Lord's Anointed one of Jewish prophecy". The Jewish followers of Jesus of Nazareth then came to believe that he was the "Messiah" they were awaiting and from this the Christian Religion evolved.

In the 3rd. century A.D. the  Christian priesthood zoned in on the year they believed that Jesus was born. Hence the reason why, "Anno Domini", since abbreviated to A.D., came to signify all dates that occur in Christian terms as after, "the year of the birth of our Lord".

However, even as late as the 5th. century A.D., controversy reigned as to the accuracy of the year chosen but finally it was accepted. Hence, in the Christian world, all time is now refereed to as before the birth of Jesus, i.e. B.C. (Before Christ), or A.D. signifying the time after the birth of Jesus.

The troubles the 3rd. century A.D. Christian priesthood who initiated the search had in coming to their conclusions can no longer be envisaged. However, their knowledge and ours is somewhat similar, in so far as King Herod was on the throne of Israel at the time the, MAGI, "came from the east", bringing gold, frankincense and myrrh; three of the most expensive products in existence at that time.  Suggesting the MAGI were indeed recognising a birth of someone equivalent to a NEW KING.

However,  as this birth had apparent attracted the MAGI to a specific country, namely, Israel, this and their coming, "...from the east", suggest it was the study of Astrology by the MAGI that had led them on their quest.  (A study of heavenly bodies having gone on for over 1000 or even 2000 years prior to the birth of Jesus in places such as Babylon and Persia)

But as an outsider supported by the Romans, the presence of the MAGI on such a quest in Israel, would, no-doubt, incense King Herod and when the MAGI did not return to him with information as to where this birth had occurred, he  had all the children under the age of 2 years killed in the area that presumably his spies suggested the MAGI appear to have concentrated their efforts.

Today, this story has two definite and two uncertain clues on offer. The first certainty is the presence of Herod the Great; considered one of the most ruthless men to ever exist. The second certainty, is that, the baby Jesus, could have reached the age of near enough two year when the MAGI found him. But the uncertainties are, what  Astrology convinced the MAGI of the birth of a NEW KING and that Israel was the place involved.

Regarding the Astrology, the myths of the time appear to associate the planet, Jupiter,  with kingship. Whilst, in astrological terms, the Aries (RAM) or Pices (FISH) constellations  were apparently association with Israel rather than with any other place at that time.

Astronomically, we can now determine with some accuracy via computer generated systems, that the planet, Saturn,  was obliterated by Jupiter in 7 B.C. but of special significance is that, Jupiter, the planet associated with kings, was obliterated by the Moon in 6 B.C. and the significance of this is that it would only occur on a special day about every 820 years. Therefore, in 6 B.C., the chances are the real birth day of Jesus could have been what is now, April the 17th. and the year 2005 is really 2011.