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The North West of England is a land of many contrasts, with cities and towns and delightful villages but a journey on a magic carpet would take you over mountains and lakes and majestic rivers. Over Roman forts and Roman walls and medieval castles, silently hiding their secrets. Although a working land, it has the greatest concentration of leisure facilities in Europe. Combined to give pleasure to the mind, to the body and to the soul. A land for the living. But once this was a land in which to die a violent death. Where, in the 10th. century, Olaf, the Viking Overlord of Dublin and Constantine, King of the Scots, with Owain of the Cumbrian Britons may have met the English King Athelstan to finally decide who ruled England in their battle around Brunanburh.
The scene is set in the year 937 for a mystery that has intrigued historians for many centuries, for no one is certain where this battle took place.
So now is the time to decide once and for all, was the North West of England where the battle of Brunanburh occurred? A battle of such unique significance for the report of it to appear in the ancient tracts of the Irish, the Scots, the Picts, Welsh, Icelandic Norse and in the Anglo-Saxons Chronicles. From where presumably, this story caught the imagination of Tolkein for him to write, '
Lord of the Rings'.

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