One suspects all LANCASTRIANS will know about STONEHENGE but the facts are, our very own unique BLEASDALE CIRCLE is even more interesting and it is ALL ours and here in LANCASHIRE.

With 10,000 miles of Roman roads in Britain that seem to lead everywhere, we can now more easily believe that the myths of Britain were often based on fact and legends on truth, when stories evolved in the Dark Ages. Therefore, of the three CAMUNLODUNUM place-names in Roman Britain, one associated with Colchester and another near Leeds, it is realistic to believe that the third, CAMUNLODUNUM, based on PTOLEMY'S 2nd. Century unique latitudes and longitudes, will be found north of the River Ribble and near the west coast. But according to Professor John Morris, the CAMUNLODUNUM place-name, is the only one that could possibly have evolved as the place-name, CAMELOT and what is certain, is that the Roman fort at LANCASTER was the most advanced Roman fort of its kind near the western coastal area of Britain when the Romans departed. Therefore, once it is accepted that the earliest stories about King Arthur indicate his main enemies where the Irish rather than the Anglo-Saxons, the old Roman fort at LANCASTER as a base for King Arthur seems inevitable. Hence, the chances are, King Arthur, was the first to discover that LANCASTRIANS prefer to win at everything. So, when Winston Churchill, in his histories of Britain, said that the, 937 A.D. BATTLE OF BRUNABURGH, was one of the four great battles fought for the survival of our nation, who can doubt that it was even then a battle fought close to a Roman road and as this web site will suggest, realistically, a battle fought in LANCASHIRE.

Are these the reasons, therefore, why
ALL British monarchs take on the title,
DUKE OF LANCASTER, or did they simply realised they were on to a, "good thing", once they discovering, that this is where, "
us LANCASTRIANS still live" and where it all happened, and for that matter; IT STILL DOES.

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