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If "WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT" is the question, the REAL HISTORY of any  community  is the answer. This is because, other than the realities in life, communities also tend to absorb myths and legends of one sort or another; either passed down from their ancestors, or, in our "so-called" modern world, via Newspapers, Radio and Television.
As the village of PREESALL on the Fylde Coast north of Blackpool is where this Web  Site is located, it seems appropriate to chose the history of this community for selection here, in an analysis avoiding myth and instead concentrating on recorded history. Nevertheless,  the chances are, that throughout its actual history, myth would still have played some part in the day to day existence of the people and in this sense, "MYTHS", still remains an historical reality.
Originated in book form as,  WHITE HORSES - RED CATS and BURIED TREASURE, when first published in 1991, the first chapter of our history of PREESALL, reveals  
wpeC.gif (3300 bytes)   why this name was chosen. With regard to the contents, the chances similar information will  exist for any  village throughout Britain and in this regard,   the   contents   of    this   history could  be  of assistance to individuals and schools preparing their very own village archive.   wpeC.gif (3668 bytes)