Incantation Evolution Resurrection RESTITUTION (The Dark Age SAS)
  All the evidence indicates, that the reason why a specific group of (allegedly) related people rose to bardic prominence from the time of Cunedda to the time of King Arthur, was simply because they were the ones who commanded a unique 1000 horse regiment in sequence after Cunedda.  
  So presumably, Ambland Vledic, the alleged son-in-law of Cunedda, would have had command. Then Uthyr Pendragon, the alleged son-in-law of Ambland Vledic; to be followed by Arthur the alleged son of Uthyr. Indeed, these are surely the only realistic reasons why Arthur was always specifically associated with cavalry and always successful and why the only Pendragon Castle in Britain is 16 miles northeast of Sedbergh in Mallerstang.  
  Another Arthurian link can be found in an old poem about Merlin, for he was said 'to haunt the fountains of Galabres'; a place-name that could only have evolved from, ‘Galava’; now considered the name of the Roman fort at Ambleside on Lake Windermere. Although, those who select and study the content of ROMAN TIMES from the, "Lancastrians4ever MAIN MENU", may conclude that, ‘Galava’, was the Roman fort at Low Borrowbridge just south of Tebay.  
  Thus, we see the whole of the alleged Arthurian family; his grandfather Ambland Vledic; his mother, Ygerne; his father Uther Pendragon: his wife Guinevere; and even the mysterious Merlin were ALL involved in the province of the Setantii.   Specifically in an area extending North of the River Ribble, south of Borrow Beck in Cumbria and west of Mallerstang and Pen-y-Ghent. Hence, the chances are, it was the bards of the Setantii who were the first to tell the story of King Arthur.