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  The following words are taken from an old Lancashire ballad sold in the streets of Lancashire;  
  She's a pride of beauty so bright,
Her image my fancy enriches:
My charm is the village delight,
And the pride of the Lancashire witches.
  If only the 17th. century  Lancashire Witches were like these lines portray them we would have had heroin's  galore. In fact, the Lancashire Witches were not all female as some of  those brought to trial were male; so we could probably call them collectively, the Lancashire Witches and Warlocks. But even the documented story of the Lancashire Witches at the trial at Lancaster Castle, reveal so-called religious values perverting the course of justice that ultimately resulting in what can only be described  as murder of the ignorant innocent.
However, was there really another scenario so intriguing it is almost in the category of an MI5 plot, with chicanery and double dealing and exploitation endemic throughout. A plot that only the powerful could hide so effectively, we are only now coming to grips with its possible existence.